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  • শাহবাগ
৳ 63,000টাকা(একদাম)

Breed: Native ( Deshal)
Age: 26 Months
Color: Brown Black
Teeth: 2
Live Weight: 160
Height(feet): 4.4
Feed : Green Grass, Straw,


  • ক্যাটাগরি : দেশী ষাড়


  • Cows have been fattened according to the natural rules of nature.
  • Raw grass, khail, bhusi etc. were the daily food of our cows.
  • Cows have been fed by producing grass under their own management.
  • Animals are reared under the supervision of a full-time veterinarian.
  • Here you will find well-known foreign breeds and hybrid breeds of healthy and strong cows along with domestic

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